Past Events

11 January, 2018: Google – Future of Search

Venue: Brussels

6 December, 2017: Going Digital: A Roadmap for Organisational Transformation Copy

Venue: Thomson Reuters Foundation, London, UK

23 November, 2017: Going Digital: A Roadmap for Organisational Transformation

Venue: Google, London, UK

17 November, 2017: Tecent Media Summit, Shangai

Venue: Shanghai, China

14 November, 2017: Digital Journalism Conference, South Korea

The conference marks the publication of the Korean language edition of the 2017 Digital News Report by RISJ partner, the Korea Press Foundation and brings together several hundred people from across the globe.


Other international speakers include; representatives of the New York Times, the Guardian, Storyful, Google, and Emily Bell from Columbia Journalism School and Dan Gillmor from Arizona State University. Korean speakers include representatives of the Korean platform, Naver and the chat app Kakao, together with several researchers involved in issues ranging from the development of a public interest algorithm to the use of Big Data in news organisations.


Digital Journalism Conference

Venue: Seoul, South Korea

2-3 October, 2017: WAN-IFRA event, Croatia

Video Action Days

Venue: Kaptol Boutique Cinema & Bar, Zagreb, Croatia

28 September, 2017: Digital News Report 2017 Presentation

Venue: OberCom, Lisbon, Portugal

19-20 September, 2017: Future of Publicism, Denmark

A conference for mainly local, regional and national media with a publicism background. At the conference, challenges of digitalisation, globalisation, social media etc. will be addressed, as well as the changing role of the media in democratic societies. The ambition is to discuss solutions to those issues inspired by lectures given by media executives and media experts. Themes will include how to add more quality to journalistic content, how to get in contact and dialogue with current and new users, how to take advantage of the new technology, and how to develop a profitable and sustainable media business in an ever-growing digital world.

Venue: Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Aalborg, Denmark