Upcoming Events

Past Events

September 16, 2016: Public Service News Forum

Presentation and data at gathering of news directors from public service media

Venue: Reuters Institute, Oxford

September 13, 2016: Westminster Media Forum, The future of news content: curation, distribution and monetisation

Presentation of key findings of Digital news report

Venue: Central London

September 5, 2016: Digital News Report Norway

Presentation of Digital News Report with a focus on the Norwegian findings.

Venue: Fritt Ord Foundation Main Hall, 1700 to 1900

July 20, 2016: News Rewired, Reuters HQ, Canary Wharf

Presentation and workshop on how people consume on mobile phones through the day

Venue: Reuters HQ, Canary Wharf

5 Trends to Watch in Mobile-first News

July 6, 2016: Digital News Report Launch, Lisbon

Venue: The Communication Observatory (OberCom) + Lisbon University/ISCTE

June 21: Digital News Report Launch, Madrid

Venue: Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life, Universidad de Navarra

Digital News Report 2016

June 16, 2016: Digital News Report Launch, Vienna

Venue: Vienna, Austria

GEN Summit 2016

June 15, 2016: Digital News Report Launch, Helsinki

Venue: Communications Research Foundation