About Us

This site has been the home of the Digital News Report since 2012. The Digital News Report is a research publication of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University but is also a collaboration with other academic partners. The partners are listed on the front page of this website.

The Digital News Report is supported by the following sponsors: BBC News, Google, Ofcom, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Dutch Media Authority (CvdM), the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland, the Fritt Ord Foundation in Norway, the Korea Press Foundation, Edelman UK, as well as our academic sponsors at the Hans Bredow Institute, the University of Navarra, the University of Canberra, the Centre d’études sur les médias, Québec, Canada, and Roskilde University in Denmark. The Open Society Foundations has joined in 2019 as a sponsor, allowing us to expand the report to cover South Africa (and has committed to supporting the inclusion of additional countries in the global south next year).

We are also grateful to YouGov, our polling company, who did everything possible to accommodate our increasingly complex requirements and helped our research team analyse and contextualise the data.