Essays for the Digital News Report

Alongside the annual data on news consumption, this section of the report offers deeper analysis on the wider trends. This year’s essays explore the implications for politics, international news and business.

  1. The Future for News Brands in an Increasingly Distributed and Fragmented World October 10, 2016

    By Andrew Dodds, Kantar Media

  2. The Challenging New Economics of Journalism June 10, 2016

    By Mark Thompson, CEO, The New York Times

  3. Why Trust Matters June 10, 2016

    By Ed Williams, CEO, Edelman UK and Ireland

  4. People Want Personalised Recommendations (Even as They Worry about the Consequences) June 10, 2016

    By Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

  5. The Nature of News Avoidance in a Digital World June 10, 2016

    By Kim Christian Schrøder, Professor of Communication, Roskilde University

  6. The Public and News about the Environment June 10, 2016

    By Richard Fletcher, Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute

  7. The Topography of Trust: Views from UK News Consumers June 10, 2016

    By Alison Preston, Head of Digital Literacy, Ofcom

  8. Essays June 10, 2016

    By Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism