Key findings


  • There are sharp differences between countries over the speed of online adoption
  • US is furthest ahead but Germany shows the strongest allegiance to traditional media
  • Online is the most frequently accessed form of news amongst the young – with TV remaining most popular for older groups
  • UK shows the most interest in celebrity news, least interest in political news
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Mobiles and tablets

  • More than one in four of our sample access news via mobile in all our surveyed countries. Tablet usage is also growing fast
  • Mobile and tablet users continue to use traditional news sources such as TV, radio and print
  • Mobile devices adding to news consumption by extending access through the day
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Finding and sharing news

  • Social media beginning to challenge search engines as a way of finding news – particularly amongst younger groups
  • In the UK, one in five share a news story each week. Facebook, e-mail and Twitter are the most important networks for sharing news
  • Americans are twice as likely as most Europeans to share or comment on news online
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Paying for news

  • Consumers remain reluctant to pay for online news. Propensity to pay is lowest in the UK (4%) and highest in Denmark (12%)
  • Smartphone and tablet users are more likely to have paid for digital news and are more likely to pay in the future
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Comment & analysis

Consumption of Foreign News

2011 was a peak year for foreign news coverage. The Arab spring and the Japan earthquake occurred along with the continuing war in Afghanistan…

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