Authorship and Research Acknowledgements for the 2012 Digital News Report

Nic Newman is a journalist and digital strategist who played a key role in shaping the BBC’s internet services over more than a decade. He was a founding member of the BBC News website, leading international coverage as World Editor (1997-2001). As Head of Product Development he led digital teams, developing websites, mobile, and interactive TV applications for all BBC Journalism sites. Nic is currently a Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and a consultant on digital media specialising in news, social media and mobile.

Additional expert analysis and interpretation of the survey data was provided by Steve Schifferes, Marjorie Dean Professor of Financial Journalism, City University London (including authorship of sections 1.5 and 1.6), and by Lucy Stewart, research manager within the BBC’s audiences team (sections 1.3 and 2.2).

The editor is also indebted to Peter Kellner and the team at YouGov – Adele Gritten, Dan Brilot, Shaun Austin, and Angharad Houlden – for questionnaire design, data analysis as well as the quality of their interpretive insights. Also to Richard Addy for his consistent support and encouragement through this project.