Key findings


Mobiles and tablets

  • Across all our countries, one third of our sample (31%) say they use a smartphone for news at least once in the past week. More than one in ten (16%) use a tablet.
  • Tablet use for news has doubled in many European countries in the ten months since our last survey.
  • 33% now consume news on at least two devices. The more devices owned, the more frequently people tend to access the news.
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Finding and sharing news

  • Over 40% of our sample in France, Germany, Italy and Spain say they rely more on search than brand as a way of finding news. The UK and Denmark tend to go first to brand
  • Social networks are becoming a key gateway to news for younger people. In the United States 38% of under 45s and in urban Brazil 62% of under 45s say they find news this way
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Paying for news

  • Whilst 50% of our global sample said they had bought a printed newspaper, only 5% said they had paid for digital news in the last week.
  • In the UK, we have seen a significant jump in the percentage paying for news since our last survey – from 4% to 9% paying for some kind of digital news in the last year.
  • Smartphone and tablet users in the United States are much more likely to pay for news – even after controlling for factors such as income and interest in news.
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  • Across our countries, around one in five share a news story via email (17%) or a social network (20%) each week.
  • Users in Brazil, the US, Spain, and Italy are most likely to post comments, share links, and talk about news. The Japanese and Germans are least likely to do so.
  • Users of Apple smartphones in the United States were 41% more likely to share news than other digital news users after controlling for other variables.
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Survey Methodology

This research was conducted by YouGov at the end of January/beginning of February 2013. Find out more about the polling methods.

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