Further Reading for the 2017 Digital News Report

The authors welcome feedback on this report and suggestions on how to improve our work via reuters.institute@politics.ox.ac.uk as well as potential partnerships and support for our ongoing work.

Other Relevant Surveys and Reports

Digital News Project Publications

  • Zillah Watson, VR for News: The New Reality? (Apr. 2017)
  • Annika Sehl,Alessio Cornia, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen Developing Digital News in Public Service Media (Mar. 2017)
  • Kevin Anderson, Beyond the Article: Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation (Feb. 2017)
  • Nic Newman, Media Journalism and Technology Predictions (Jan. 2017)
  • Tom Nicholls, Nabeelah Shabbir, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen Digital-Born News Media in Europe (Dec. 2016)
  • Nic Newman, News Alerts and the Battle for Lockscreen (Nov. 2016)
  • Lucas Graves, and Federica Cherubini The Rise of Fact-Checking Sites in Europe (Nov. 2016)
  • Jason Vir and Andrew Dodds (Kantar Media), Brand and Trust in a Fragmented News Environment (Oct. 2016)
  • Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Federica Cherubini, and Nic Newman, The Future of Online Video (June 2016)
  • Federica Cherubini and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Editorial Analytics: How News Media are Developing and Using Audience Data and Metrics (Feb. 2016)