Population 5.7m
Internet penetration 98%

Compiled with the help of Kim Christian Schrøder and Mark Ørsten, Roskilde University.

The media environment in Denmark continues to be characterised by strong public service broadcasters (DR and TV2) and a commercial national and local press that has in many cases been struggling to find new business models and receives some government subsidy.

Top Brands

Changing Media

Danes are adjusting to reductions in funding to public service broadcasting which came into effect in 2020. Reach for public broadcasters and for TV news has fallen significantly since 2013. Meanwhile commercial print newspapers, many of whom were already struggling, have received some government support following the COVID-19 crisis.


Trust in the news overall has fallen substantially in the last year (down 11 percentage points) but, despite some decline, trust in specific media brands remains relatively high compared to other countries. Public broadcasters DR and TV2 still carry the most trust, with popular tabloid Ekstra Bladet trusted least.