Hong Kong

Population 7.5m
Internet penetration 89%

Compiled with the help of Michael Chan, Francis Lee, and Hsuan-Ting Chen, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This year’s data come against the backdrop of months-long street protests over the government extradition bill proposal and then the coronavirus pandemic. The media have played a crucial role in both stories but are under intense pressure amid falling trust overall.

Top Brands

Changing Media

A series of street protests triggered by a government extradition bill captured media attention, with growth online via social media use in particular. Encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is used by 84% overall and 50% for news (+9). Usage of YouTube and Instagram for news was also up.


The months-long anti-extradition protests appeared to have influenced overall trust (-16) as well as the trust in individual brands. Television and radio broadcasters continue to be most trusted but online brand Stand News gained significant attention and approval for its coverage. In early 2019 it was the second least trusted outlet. A year later it has become the sixth most trusted.