Population 132m
Internet penetration 66%

Compiled with the help of María Elena Gutiérrez Rentería, Universidad Panamericana.

Worries about the economy and record levels of gang-fuelled violence have started to undermine support for populist President Lopez Obrador according to recent polls. Increased political polarisation has affected trust in the news media which is down substantially this year.

Note: Data are from more urban areas, rather than a fully nationally representative sample. These will tend to represent richer and more connected users.

Top Brands

Changing Media

Online and social media remain the most popular sources of news in Mexico with our predominantly urban sample. TV and radio remain important to reach the millions of people who are not online. The majority of internet news access is now via smartphones (81%) rather than computers or tablets.


The new government and a deeply polarised political environment have had a negative impact on trust in the news (-11) over the last year. Television is a popular medium with both audiences and advertisers, but domestic TV broadcasters often have lower trust scores in our survey than foreign broadcasters (CNN) and some digital-born brands.