Population 46m
Internet penetration 93%

Compiled with the help of Samuel Negredo, Alfonso Vara, Avelino Amoedo, and Elsa Moreno, Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life, University of Navarra.

Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE competes with large and established commercial operators offline while national newspapers and digital born companies do best online. More brands have started to charge for digital news in the last year.

Top Brands

Changing Media

The steep decline in print sales has pushed more brands to start charging online including El Mundo and many regional papers. El País delayed its metered paywall until May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. jumped to 53,000 paying members after it launched an SOS call in face of a decline in ad sales.


Trust has declined further as coverage of elections in April, May and November 2019 dominated the news, along with the polarising topic of a Supreme Court ruling about Catalonia separatist leaders and its turbulent aftermath. Enric Hernández, former editor-in-chief of El Periódico, was appointed head of news at RTVE amid ongoing interim leadership at the public broadcaster.