Population 24m
Internet penetration 93%

Compiled with the help of Lihyun Lin, National Taiwan University.

The media environment in Taiwan is among the freest and most competitive in Asia, even if mainland China continues to exert economic and political pressure on some outlets.

Top Brands

Changing Media

Traditional media sources such as television and print are becoming less important while digital and social media have become more widely used. Yahoo! News remains the most popular online (45% weekly reach) aggregating multiple providers. Taiwanese love their smartphones, which are used by three-quarters (74%) of our survey sample for news.


Trust in news is down four percentage points and remains one of the lowest in our survey – with Taiwanese frequently exposed to misinformation through both mainstream and social media. Public service television is the most trusted in our survey, though not competitive in terms of audience. Networks with strong links to the mainland tend to be trusted less.