Essays for the Digital News Report

Alongside the annual data on news consumption, this section of the report offers deeper analysis on the wider trends. This year’s essays explore the implications for politics, international news and business.

  1. How Turkey Uses Social Media October 23, 2015

    By Esra Dogramaci, Digital strategist and Turkey specialist

  2. The Rise of Mobile and Social News – and What it Means for Journalism May 15, 2015

    By Emily Bell, Director Tow Center for Digital Journalism

  3. Mind the Gap May 15, 2015

    By James Harding, Director of BBC News

  4. The Business Outlook: Constraints on Growth, But Some Hopeful Signs in Digital News Provision May 15, 2015

    By Robert G. Picard, Director of Research, Reuters Institute

  5. Generational Gaps – UK News Consumption and the Impact of Age May 15, 2015

    By Alison Preston, Head of Digital Literacy, Ofcom

  6. Attitudes to Sponsored and Branded Content (Native Advertising) May 15, 2015

    By Shaun Austin, Director Media Research, YouGov

  7. Lessons from Finland: How the News Industry is Managing Digital Transformation and Trying to Stay Profitable May 15, 2015

    By Esa Reunanen, Senior Research Fellow, University of Tampere, Finland