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Key findings


Mobiles and tablets

  • The use of smartphones for news has jumped significantly in the past year, but tablet growth has slowed.
  • Almost half of online news users across all countries (45%) use two or more digital devices each week for news and a quarter (25%) now say their mobile phone is their primary access point - up from 20% last year.
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Disruption to traditional media

  • We see increased usage of digital-born brands that produce content for a mobile and social world. Buzzfeed has doubled its market share in the United States to 10% with the Huffington Post now neck and neck with Yahoo News.
  • But three quarters (74%) still access a traditional newspaper in print or online each week. 89% access a broadcaster via TV, radio or online.
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Business of journalism

  • Sales of printed newspapers have continued to fall in most countries but we no discernible increase in paid online content – or in willingness to pay. Only 6% pay for news in the Uk, rising to 14% in Finland
  • we find significant consumer dissatisfaction with online advertising, expressed through the rapid take up of ad blockers (47% in US and 39% in the UK) and disquiet over the blurring lines between editorial and advertising.
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  • Facebook has increased its hold on news distribution over the past year with referrals to top news sites up 42%. Across all countries 41% use Facebook for news each week. Brazilians use it most (70%), Japanese least (11%).
  • Younger generations are turning to newer networks like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Tumblr but take up is uneven. 27% use WhatsApp for news in Spain but only 1% in the United States.
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Comment & analysis

How Turkey Uses Social Media

Digital strategist and Turkey specialist Esra Doğramacı and the report’s contributing author and researcher Damian Radcliffe examine some of the key issues for social media users in Turkey.

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Survey Methodology

The polling was conducted by YouGov in January 2015 using online samples in ten countries. Find out more about the methods involved.

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